ISCI Fellowship

Encouraging excellence in any activity related to cotton by according recognition through Honorary Fellowships / awards has been one of the avowed functions of ISCIFor the first time in the history of the Society, in 2002, Honorary Fellowshipswere award to five notable cotton scientists. Since then, severaothers who had contributed greatly to the growth of cotton industry have been bestowed with ISCI Fellowship. The total number of Fellowships awarded till today stands at 31.

ISCI Honorary Fellowship

Name Year
Dr. B. S. Barwale 2007
Dr. B. H. Katarki 2007
Mr. R. Kriashnamourthy 2007
Dr. Munshi Singh 2007
Dr. N. P. Mehta 2011
Mr. Suresh Kotak 2011
Dr. S. A. Patil 2011
Name Year
Dr. Madhav Shembhekar 2011
Dr. M. Ramasami 2011
Mr. P. Vidyasagar 2011
Mr. Prabhakar Rao 2011
Mr. Raju Barwale 2011
Mr. Sunil Bajaj 2011
  • Dr Rafiq Choudhary of ICAC, Washington – 2014 ( Conferred Honarary Fellowship during 6th ACRDN Meeting held at Dhaka)
  • Dr. Keshav Raj Kranti, Director, ICAR- CICR – 2017 ( Renowned Cotton Scientist and appointed as Head, Technical Coordination Service of ICAC, was conferred Honarary Fellowship by Padma Vibhisan, Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Former Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission)