Objectives and Activities of ISCI

The objectives of the Society are listed out in the booklet on the Rules and Regulations framed in the early days. Over the decades, however, the Society’s interests and involvements have grown considerably. ISCI’s activity agenda reflects the following interests:

  • Work for the promotion of research in different branches of agriculture and technology relating to cotton and its by-products
  • Organise seminars, conferences and workshops to enable scientists and others to come together and exchange ideas
  • Publish a scientific journal that will act as a medium for disseminating research information within the country and beyond on subjects relating to cotton production and utilization
  • Accord recognition to scientists for their meritorious research work in various fields of agriculture and technology by giving awards in cash as well as in other forms through creation of necessary corpus
  • Provide a forum for cotton scientists as well as other people connected with cotton production and utilization to discuss all matters relating to this crop and thus highlight issues and challenges
  • Invite outstanding scientists and other achievers in different fields of activity to deliver lectures on topics of current interest
  • Bring out bulletins, books, reports etc. on topics of contemporary interest
  • Work in association with other national and international societies/organizations having similar objectives