One of the early actions of ISCI has been the launching of a research journal to fill the vacuum created by the stoppage of predecessors like (a) the Indian Cotton Growing Review published by the Imperial Cotton Growing Corporation of UK and (b) the Indian Cotton Development Journal published by the Directorate of Cotton Development. For many decades, these journals had remained as vehicles for research findings on cotton production technologies in India. By 1970 both these journals ceased to appear.

The inaugural issue of the ISCI journal was published in January 1976, since when the periodical has witnessed increasing patronage from cotton scientists from all over India and abroad. By 1990 the 6-monthly journal had transformed into a quarterly publication to accommodate the rising number of articles originating from ICAR institutes and agricultural universities in which government funded research programmes were on the increase.

The year 2010 saw a refreshing change in the facade of the ISCI journal which was re-christened as the Cotton Research Journal with a re-designed cover page. The periodicity was, however, reduced to 2 issues in a year for administrative reasons. Soon the society is planning to publish the journal on-line.

Focus and Scope of Journal

Publish a scientific journal that will act as a medium for disseminating research information within the country and beyond on subjects relating to cotton production and utilization. Only articles related to cotton production & processing are entertained and not those on synthetic textiles.

Peer Review Policy

The research article received for publication is examined by the corresponding editor first to check its suitability for the journal and whether it is written as per the format of the journal. Then the article is put up before the Editorial Board, which after scrutiny will identify two reviewers. The article is then sent to first reviewer for peer review.

Review Guidelines

After receipt of the comments of the first reviewer, the article is sent to the author for corrections/modifications, etc. The revised article is put up to the editorial board as well as reviewer.

If the revised copy is satisfactory, then it is accepted for publication. If not, then once again sent to the author for modification. If the second time revised article is satisfactory then it is accepted. If not, then it is sent to the second reviewer following the same procedure mentioned above.

If the article is rejected by both the referee, then the article is not published.