About Society

Indian Society for Cotton Improvement (ISCI) was founded in 1974. The credit for conceptualizing a professional institution of cotton scientists in India goes to the triumvirate Dr. V. Sundaram, Dr. V. Santhanam and Shri. S.B.P. Rao, who in 1974 had adorned the offices of the Director CIRCOT, Project Coordinator of AICCIP and the Directorate of Cotton Development, respectively. Conversations the trio had on the sidelines of an all-India Seminar at CIRCOT organized in celebration of Golden Jubilee of the institute during 24th to 27th December 1974 crystallized into a resolve to establish a scientists’ forum that would strive to promote cotton production and utilization. With its broad objectives identified in a trice, ISCI’s formation was formally announced on 27th December 1974 during the plenary session that marked the conclusion of CIRCOT’s jubilee celebration.

Objectives and Activities of ISCI

The objectives of the Society are listed out in the booklet on the Rules and Regulations framed in the early days. Over the decades, however, the Society’s interests and involvements have grown considerably. ISCI’s activity agenda reflects the following interests:

  1. Work for the promotion of research in different branches of agriculture and technology relating to cotton and its by-products;
  2. Provide a forum for cotton scientists as well as other people connected with cotton production and utlization to discuss all matters relating to this crop and thus highlight issues and challenges;
  3. Organise seminars, conferences and workshops to enable scientists and others to come together and exchange ideas;

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Membership of ISCI

The Society does not have premises of its own. Administrative functions are carried out by its honorary workers operating from the office space provided by CIRCOT, Mumbai free of cost.

Any individual interested in working to promote the objectives of the Society is eligible for membership. For life membership a one-time fee is required to be paid. Patron membership is accorded by the Executive Council of ISCI on payment of a prescribed fee. Scientific institutions, universities, textile mills, commercial firms, trade bodies and other organizations can seek corporate membership on payment of prescribed fee.

In addition to individual memberships accorded against payment of fee, the Society can admit eminent persons as honorary members in recognition of their contributions in cotton research, productivity, trade and industry.